Case Study

Project Name:

Information Assurance Virtual Training


The Customer needed a training system with virtual classroom capabilities that could be accessible at all times.


NACON provided the Customer with an Enterprise training appliance designed specifically to meet its needs.


Students have the opportunity to use actual IA tools in their training process and are able to receive and retake training at any time and as often as desired. There is no risk of making the users' network vulnerable because all interaction with IA tools during training is virtual. Any mistakes that are made will have no bearing on the users' computer and/or network.

Over a 3-year span, NACON has reduced the training cost per student to approximately $42, resulting in a cost avoidance of an estimated $60 million over the life of the contract.

Project Details:

The classroom is maintained in contractor facilities and runs in a 24/7 environment. Students from global theaters are able to access the classroom and train from as far away as Korea and Southwest Asia.

The classroom has trained over 250,000 users and issued over 300,000 training certificates.